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Our Story

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Casa Carby is a historic home in the heart of Miami that was built in 1924. The elegant 2-story was one of the first homes to grace 72nd Street in the Bayside Historic District. Casa Carby is situated on a double-lot; land that included a former avocado grove. The home is surrounded by various trees from a bygone era: majestic Royal Poinciana, Brazilian Orchid and various native palms. Just steps away from Biscayne Bay, Casa Carby has played gracious residence to a number of illustrious owners and guests for close to a century.

First Owners

The Bayside Historic District reflects the formative years of the early 1900s through the mid 1940s. From its onset, Bayside was the home of many prominent residents who played significant roles in the business life of Miami. The first owner of now Casa Carby, was J. Philip Herrmann and his wife Margaret Herrmann who purchased the land and home in 1924. J. Philip Herrmann was a political analyst and member of the Gridiron Club (Washington DC); one of the most prestigious journalistic organizations in Washington, D.C. Philip and his wife can be called one of Miami’s first snowbirds as they traveled between D.C. and Miami during the seasons. Aside from living a distinguished life (he dined with Woodrow Wilson in 1916), J. Philip Herrmann’s worldview was quite progressive having sent both his daughters to Swarthmore College in a time when women were expected to stay home and get married. In 1934, J. Philip Hermann and his wife sold the home to Henrietta A. Dorner, a single heiress and returned to Washington D.C. permanently.

Current Owners

Current owners Colin and Nathalie Carby bought the slice of paradise in 2006 and named it Casa Carby. They began welcoming friends, family and guests shortly thereafter. Both owners were fed and bred on hospitality having been born into cultures that understand the essence of it. Embracing best guest practices from Jamaica, Hungary, and Thailand, Colin and Nathalie are living up to their heritage (and life experiences) and living their dream of creating exceptional moments and memories for those that stay at Casa Carby. When not welcoming guests, the couple is busy entertaining their rescued dogs (“souvenirs” from Vietnam and Zimbabwe when they were living and working abroad). Casa Carby is a dog-friendly vacation destination.

Please note, we do run Casa Carby like a B&B in the one fact that we do stay on premise. We live out in the cottage as seen on the photo in the header. As we tell all our guests our presence is discreet and footprint light. We have a separate entrance and only enter the main house when asked to assist with something. We are innkeepers and help guests navigate their way around Miami, provide security and maintain our garden and pool.

Our Staff

Our core strength comes from working with exceptional people who can help realize our dream and fulfill the Casa Carby brand promise in creating a true “Spiritus Sanctus” (sanctuary for the spirit). We are grateful to be working with the following people:

Randy Bresztyenszky


Randy Bresztyenszky is a Hungarian stereotype; a mad scientist with a sharp wit. When he is not declaring, “check-mate!” or recounting a funny anecdote, Randy is maintaining the beauty of Casa Carby. For close to six years, Randy has assisted in keeping the historic home running smoothly, from lighting, irrigation to pool maintenance, there is nothing “Handy Randy” has not been able to fix. His vast knowledge of all things mechanical (in part due to his Masters in Physics) enables Casa Carby to run “like a charm”.

Linda Guillarte


A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Baking School, Pastry Chef Linda Guillarte of her eponymous cakery, “Linda’s” has taken Miami by sweet storm. With her signature desserts and creations, Linda has been Casa Carby’s personal pastry chef for close to a year. With her modern take on classic desserts, Linda’s sweet delights tantalize the taste buds and inspire the palate. Red velvet dipped in Godiva white chocolate cake pops anyone?

Maricela Santillan, Maricela Rivera, Ana Ivette Ramirez


Leaving their homeland Mexico for a better life in the U.S., Maricela and her family have written their own story of success. President of Mary’s Cleaning Services, Maricela Santillan and her daughters, Maricela and Ana have been providing professional, high quality cleaning services for Miami residents for close to a decade. Their punctuality, honesty, attention to details and genuine kindness have enabled the family’s housekeeping company to thrive. According to Maricela, “the most important thing for us is 100% client satisfaction.”

Andrés Orjuela


What’s cooking at Casa Carby? Ask our gourmet Chef, Andrés Orjuela, Casa Carby’s private chef available for hire. Orjuela is a self taught Chef who has been working in restaurants since 1992. He is fully devoted to the movement begun by Alice Waters of eating fresh, local, healthy, sustainable and delicious food. He believes food’s primary roll is for the bodies nourishment, so his cooking is very health conscious and yet absolutely delicious. He has been cooking for 15 years and has worked every station in the kitchen from Grillardin to Patissier, including the early morning Boulanger shift. In Miami he has worked at the Fine Dinning Italian Restaurant Quattro on Lincoln Road under the twin Chefs Fabrizio and Nicola Carro, as well as at the Palms Hotel and Spa’s Restaurant Essencia, which focuses on fresh, organic and sustainable cooking. He is currently the Owner and Executive Chef at The Special, serving Healthy Vegetarian Lunches to executives in Miami. Chef Orjuela is highly skilled in cooking delicious dishes for meat-eaters to non-meat eaters alike.


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